This Week’s Roundup!

11 May

Sorry for slackin’ on the posts this week…I’ve been busy cooking and socializing! This weeks roundup was a hit with Jon and I yet again.  Over the weekend we had to dine out on 3 occasions, so it tested our willpower and our creativity!

The weekend started with lunch on Saturday at Plonk for Lauren’s graduation.  Her dad was so generous to invite us and pay for our meals, but we had to get a little creative first.  Since everything had meat or cheese on it, we had to custom order a no cheese pizza, and a no cheese veggie panini made with olive oil.  Both were fantastic!  That night with it being Cinco De Mayo, of course we had to eat Mexican, so we had dinner at Santa Fe Red’s with some friends.  What seemed like it would be an easy feat was more challenging than expected.  They did have a vegetarian option, so we just had to order without cheese or sour cream, but things that we thought we could substitute in (black beans, rice, flour tortillas), were ALL made with animal lard, aka animal fat!  So that healthy side of black beans and rice is loaded with fats…maybe that’s why years ago when I typed in Mexican food into an online calorie counter, the response  I got was, “Mexican cuisine is not recommended for a low-calorie diet.”  Darnit.

After a night on the town, we wanted a little late night grub.  Normally we have a slice at Tarantino’s which is always tasty, but unfortunately they don’t have a vegan option there.  Luckily we also love Pita Pit, and I introduced Jon to his new favorite, a pita stuffed with hummus, veggies, and secret sauce.  After this taste explosion, Jon wanted to recreate them at home, thus, the hummus wrap above…delish.

Sunday morning, I felt as though I’d been missing out on my weekend breakfasts, so I searched for a breakfast scramble and whipped one up based on this Post Punk Kitchen recipe.  It tasted like the real thing!  I made some homemade breakfast taters, added some Soyrizo sausage, and mixed in the “egg” (tofu) scramble and wrapped it all up.  Hits the spot!

With the weather being so nice, we felt the need for a burger.  We went with a Sweet Potato Burger, which out of everything so far was Jon’s least favorite, although it was definitely still edible.  We bought some Vegan Boca burgers for a quick fix, and served those with a side of homemade baked garlic fries.

Tuesday, I made one of my favorite dishes so far, Tamale Shepherd’s Pie.  You must try it!  Wednesday was date night, and we had an amazing meal at Sweet Chili.  It was very easy and accommodating to a vegan diet, plus, we got a little alone time sans tv and distractions.  Lastly, tonight I think I made one of my best stir fry dishes, and used seitan as a meat replacement.  It tasted like chicken!  I didn’t use a recipe…sorry, but you’re going to have to use your own skills on this one!

Note that I’m going to continue linking recipes on this blog, but you can also find them all on my Pinterest page and re-pin them yourselves! (FYI, I remove the ones I don’t like)

Happy cooking!

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